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The following are the basic equipment required for each student to be able to learn the arts effectively.


Tobok (Uniform)

Colour Belt

Club Logo

Club Jersey

Target (Handmitt)


Personal Guard

Forearm Guard

Shin Guard

Groin Guard



Description Belt Size


Tobok all #120 to #180  
Belt all S, M, L  
Logo all N.A.  
Jersey all XXS - XXL  
Target all N.A. Target is an essential equipment in Taekwondo. It serves as a target for students to forcus before execution of kicks. As oppose to kicking to the air, it improves kicking accuracy as well as reduces knee injury. By listening to the different sound produced by each type of kick, it also helps students to perfect their kicks execution, & instructors to correct the students' execution.
Forearm Guard yellow XS, S, M, L  
Shin Guard yellow XS, S, M, L  
Groin Guard yellow

XS, S, M, L

Body Protector all 1, 2, 3, 4  
Head Gear all M, L, XL  

Optional Guard

Body Protector (Padding)

Head Gear