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Updated 28 MAY 2005:

T-shirt for order

Deadline for order submission: 4 Jun 2005


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Price : $20/pc


Parents/non-students: $18/pc



1. What is the material?

This is not the common cotton T-shirt that you can buy on the street.  We deliberately sourced for Adidas Climax (similar to Nike dri-fit) material as it is cooling & feather light.


2. Why so cheap for 2 pcs?

National Tournament is a 2-day event, Sat & Sun.  One T-shirt is not enough for the students to come with T-shirt on both days.


$15/pc is almost our cost price.  We have to take minimum 150pcs for the price to drop to $15.  With our current strength, each student have to buy 3pcs for us to clear the quantity.  Thus, we are encouraging the parents & guardians to support us.


All Black Belters will have to pay $20/pc, too if they do not order 2pcs.


3. If my sister buys one & I buy one, is it $30 for both of us?

No, $30 is for each student to buy 2pcs of the Club T-shirt under their own name.  As we have mentioned in FAQ 2 above, our objective is to clear the stock.  You have to pay $40 for your sister & yourself.


4. How do I know my size?

It will be available in XS(36), S(38), M(40), L(42).


5.Why do we need a Club T-shirt?

We receive feedback that it is difficult to search for our students during grading, especially when our strength has doubled since middle of last year.  During grading, National Tournament, Friendly matches & even our own training days, it serves as a purpose to identify our students when they are not in tobok.


It is common for each Singapore TKD club to have their own Club T-shirt, just like a school with own uniform as well as P.E. T-shirt & shorts.


We have our first training ground in 2003

We have our Identity in 2004 (Zenders)

We have our Pledge & Cheer in April 2005

NOW, we have our very own CLUB T-SHIRT!

We highly encourage all students to own two today!


6.How did you come up with the design?

We cracked our brain cells to come up with a ZEN T-shirt logo & Phoenix design...

We hunted for a cheap & reliable T-shirt supplier...

We discussed & agreed on the colour, layout & material...

Finally, the deal is on!